Precedent Golf Car
The finest golf car ever built, with upgraded amenities and the latest in drive train technology. Both gas and electric versions offer quick acceleration and smooth handling that will help differentiate your operation from the competition.

The evolution of the Precedent golf car line has earned industry accolades and inspired imitation industry-wide. Featuring the Excel™ Electric Drive System, the most advanced electric platform Club Car has ever built, the new Precedent i2 continues to raise the bar in performance, protection, and styling.

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DS Golf Car
Classic styling combined with a wide array of driver-friendly features. Years of innovation and refinement have made the DS a reliable, durable and comfortable vehicle.
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Golf Utility Vehicles

Turf 1
From cutting cups and setting flags to collecting driving range balls, the Carryall Turf 1 is an efficient, economical vehicle that’s ideal for any light-duty golf course application. A rustproof aluminum frame and superb maneuverability helps the Turf 1 make multi-tasking simple.

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Turf 2
Versatility is the name of the game for the Carryall TURF 2, which is equipped with 1,200 pounds of vehicle capacity to meet even the most daunting challenges. The most functional vehicle in its class reliably performs virtually any task you can throw at it.

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Turf 6
The biggest cargo space in the Carryall line make this the heavy lifter on any golf course. 1,500 pounds of total vehicle capacity and a nearly 6-foot long cargo bed make it a versatile facility maintenance tool.

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Café Express
Progressive courses are finding on course sales of food and beverage produce significant revenue. Offer high margin items like cigars and golf balls and, well, applying some retail 101 to the equation makes a lot of ROI sense. Club Car’s food and beverage solutions are designed to attractively display multiple items and spark impulse buying. All stock rides securely and safely in sturdy compartments aboard a dependable Club Car Turf Utility vehicle. Good service is good business.

The Café Express is designed to deliver more revenue, profits and solutions to one of the most important components of a golf course — the food and beverage operation.

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Download Cafe Express Gas Spec Sheet