Tempo Golf Car Advance The Ride.  And Your Reputation. Designed with automotive styling and features that feel like upgrades, the brand-new Tempo and Tempo 4Fun represent the very best of Club Car: proven engineering, industry-leading durability, and reliable comfort.  Plus, available connected technology that monitors fleet performance gives you the freedom to manage your operations from the course, not an office.


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Precedent Golf Car The finest golf car ever built, with upgraded amenities and the latest in drive train technology. Both gas and electric versions offer quick acceleration and smooth handling that will help differentiate your operation from the competition. The evolution of the Precedent golf car line has earned industry accolades and inspired imitation industry-wide. Featuring the Excel™ Electric Drive System, the most advanced electric platform Club Car has ever built, the new Precedent i2 continues to raise the bar in performance, protection, and styling.


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Golf Utility Vehicles

Carryall 300 Turf  Versatility in a nimble package. Carryall 300 Turf is a multi-tasking dynamo that can handle just about any light duty chore thrown its way. With either the new Subaru gas engine or our all-new electric system anchored by our new connected charger, E.R.I.C., driving its 900- pound capacity, the 300 is a sun-up-to sundown laborer and hill-climbing whiz.

Carryall 500 Turf Call in the muscle. With 60% more bed capacity and 67% more towing capacity than the 550, Carryall 500 Turf is our flagship utility vehicle and the undisputed strong man in the 5-series. This economical yeoman is designed to take on big loads and demanding conditions to cut your biggest chores down to size.

Carryall 550 Turf The go-where-youneed- it utility vehicle. With larger tires and higher ground clearance, Carryall 550 Turf can get in and out of places other vehicles avoid. And with its ample 500-lb. bed capacity, the 550 is the smart choice for medium-duty chores anywhere on the course where the terrain is challenging.

Carryall 700 Turf   Built for the long haul. Now available with the newly enhanced IQ Plus electric drive system and the all-new EFI gas engine, it’s all about return on investment and nothing carries that responsibility like the Carryall 700 Turf. With 1,500 pounds of capacity and almost 6-feet of cargo bed, the 700 lives to handle your operation’s most demanding jobs, all day long.


Carryall 1500 2 Wheel Drive    Carryall 1500 2-WD—heavy-duty capabilities that tread lightly on turf and improved surfaces. Twowheel drive features include: • Rear-wheel drive • 23” front / 24” rear turf tires • Handles up to 1,900 lbs. of payload • 19 mph maximum speed

Carryall 1500 4 Wheel Drive  When the job calls for more pull, Carryall 1500 4-WD answers the call. • IntelliTrak® senses the terrain, delivers power to the front wheels when needed • 25” all-terrain tires and 12.1” clearance handle demanding and tough conditions • 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes • 25 mph maximum speed • Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) certified to meet five different international standards

Café Express Instant Refreshment, Instant Revenue. The Cafe Express has been redesigned to hold more products – and drive more impulse buys.  Its new shelving system presents an appealing display, helping generate additional sales, while ample space for refreshments (and ice!) means less time lost on trips back to the clubhouse to restock.


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