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NEW Carryall Vehicle Line!


Carryall 300      (Formerly the Carryall 1)


 Download Carryall 300 Gas/Elec Spec Sheet

Carryall 500        (Formerly the Carryall 2)

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      Carryall 550      (Formerly the Carryall 252)

 Download Carryall 550 Gas/Elec Spec Sheet

Carryall 700      (Formerly the Carryall 6)

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**Ask us about the NEW Carryall 900 with 8ft Bed!!**


  Carryall 1500 4×4      (Formerly the Carryall 295)

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  Carryall 1500 4×4 Intellitrak     (Formerly the Carryall 295 Intellitrak)

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  Carryall 1700 4×4     (Formerly the Carryall 295 SE)

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Carryall 1
The most economical and dependable utility vehicle in its class, the Carryall 1 is the perfect solution for light-duty jobs. Easy maneuverability and optimized engine performance are just a few of the advantages you’ll appreciate when you get behind the wheel of this versatile utility vehicle.

Download Carryall 1 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 1 Gas Spec Sheet


Carryall 2
Haul bigger loads and get the job done right with the Carryall 2. An expanded pickup bed capacity and 1,200 pound capacity rating makes it the most functional vehicle in its class.

Download Carryall 2 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 2 Gas Spec Sheet

Carryall 6
With more cargo space than any other Carryall, the Carryall 6 is the ultimate tool for heavy hauling, featuring 1,500 pounds of capacity, a nearly six-foot long cargo bed, and 17.1 cubic feet of cargo space that can be customized to suit your needs.

*Electric version features Club Car’s exclusive IQ Plus System™.

Download Carryall 6 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 6 Gas Spec Sheet

Carryall 242
Small in size but big on features, the gasoline Carryall 242 boasts industry leading speed, maneuverability, and ground clearance. This entry level utility vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle.

Download Carryall 242 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 242 Gas Spec Sheet

Carryall 252
The Carryall 252’s 10.4 hp, 351cc gasoline engine means that you’ll always get where you’re going, even on rough terrain. Its extreme versatility makes it the perfect choice for any construction or industrial site.

*Electric version features Club Car’s exclusive IQ Plus System™.

Download Carryall 252 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 252 Gas Spec Sheet

Carryall 295
The Carryall 295 is our all-around, high performance machine with the muscle of a powerful gasoline V-twin or commercial-grade diesel engine to handle the toughest jobs. It’s the only utility vehicle in the industry with the exclusive IntelliTrak™ system, an automatic, 4-wheel-drive system that senses the ground you’re on and gives you more traction when you need it the most.

Carryall 295SE
The Carryall 295 SE builds on the features of the rugged Carryall 295, adding additional seating without sacrificing cargo capacity. The original full-size, work-crew vehicle has room for four passengers and 800 pounds of cargo, ensuring that your work crew can get the job done on the first trip.
Download Carryall 295 Gas Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 295 Diesel Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 295SE Diesel Spec Sheet
Download Carryall 295SE Gas Spec Sheet




Villager 4
Combines the sleek styling of the Precedent golf car with the durability and reliability you expect from Club Car. The enhanced maneuverability of SportDrive™ steering and ergonomic seats ensure that all four passengers ride in comfort.

Download Villager 4 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Villager 4 Gas Spec Sheet

Villager 6
Its six-passenger seating offers superior comfort and style, and its optional fold-down rear seat provides additional capacity for transporting cargo or passengers.

Download Villager 6 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Villager 6 Gas Spec Sheet

Villager 8
Both economic and efficient, the Villager 8 is the ultimate passenger vehicle, transporting up to seven passengers and a driver with ease and comfort. Perfect for tours, shuttles, and large-volume resort transportation.

Download Villager 8 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Villager 8 Gas Spec Sheet



NEW Club Car Transporter!

Transporter       (Formerly the Transporter 4 & 6)

 Download Transporter Gas/Elec Spec Sheet 



Transporter 4
With a lightweight, rustproof frame and a large cargo area, the TransPorter 4 is the ideal solution for any commercial application where cargo or luggage accompanies passengers.

*Electric version features Club Car’s exclusive IQ Plus System™.

Download Transporter 4 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Transporter 4 Gas Spec Sheet

Transporter 6
The Transporter 6 has the ability to carry up to six passengers with fixed or fold-down rear seats and an optional canopy top for maximum passenger comfort. Utility meets style with the ultimate in small-group transportation needs.

Download Transporter 6 Electric Spec Sheet
Download Transporter 6 Gas Spec Sheet

More Coming Soon.