Utility & Transportation


Carryall 100 

Carryall 100 Gas/Elec Sheet

Carryall 300      (Formerly the Carryall 1)


 Download Carryall 300 Gas/Elec Spec Sheet

Carryall 500        (Formerly the Carryall 2)

 Download Carryall 500 Gas/Elec Spec Sheet

Carryall 502

Download Carryall 502 Gas/Elec Sell Sheet

Download Carryall 502 Brochure

      Carryall 550      (Formerly the Carryall 252)

 Download Carryall 550 Gas/Elec Spec Sheet

Carryall 700      (Formerly the Carryall 6)

 Download Carryall 700 Gas/Elec Spec Sheet


Carryall 900

Download Carryall 900 Gas/Elec Sell Sheet


  Carryall 1500 4×4      (Formerly the Carryall 295)

Download Carryall 4×4 Utility Brochure


  Carryall 1700 4×4     (Formerly the Carryall 295 SE)

Download Carryall 4×4 Utility Brochure





Tempo 2+2

Tempo 2+2 Gas/Elec Sell Sheet


Villager 6
Its six-passenger seating offers superior comfort and style, and its optional fold-down rear seat provides additional capacity for transporting cargo or passengers.

Villager 6 Gas/Elec Sell Sheet


Villager 8
Both economic and efficient, the Villager 8 is the ultimate passenger vehicle, transporting up to seven passengers and a driver with ease and comfort. Perfect for tours, shuttles, and large-volume resort transportation.

Villager 8 Gas/Elec Sell Sheet




Transporter       (Formerly the Transporter 4 & 6)

 Download Transporter Gas/Elec Spec Sheet 

Transporter XL

Transporter XL Gas/Elec Sell Sheet


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